Illuminati Freemason Symbolism in Hollywood Movies 2 of 4

April 21, 2011

The pyramid and the all-seeing eye. An ancient occult symbol that shows up in religion, churches, Egypt, alchemy, on money, artwork, logos, crop circles, business models, architecture, food, pharma, government and fraternal organizations.
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  1. Hi Nofunclub,
    This question may be a little off-topic, Heroes of the past, the great artists, the conquerors, the scientists, the great inventors, the “humanitarians”, the classical musicians etc., seem to all be connected to one secret society or another. How come that the Great Men we learn about, being the people who brought civilization forwards, were almost all of them initiated in occult orders? The Christian society for example, considers the Bible being the Words of God and takes it literally. Notice that the NT for one thing, is not unique. Sounds more like occult symbolism instead of actual events. We know for certain that the Bible has been severely tampered with. King James himself was a prominent Freemason. What about if the Bible is a symbolic, Illuminati blueprint, given to the people as a Holy Scripture, to follow literally? If this is true, what would the consequences be?

  2. it cooks down to intent.

    good VS evil is basically good or evil intentions.

    deception and secrecy is more often than not used to hide unethical and criminal behaviour.

    don’t forget that there is good occult orders out there aswell.

    mod @ http://www.jackbloodforum.com

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