Help me stop a war with Iran

March 21, 2012

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One comment

  1. Or should this be titled “Unreasonably Reasonable”? Is it reasonable to reason that we want to stop war? Or is it unreasonable to want to heal people without medicine? How about banning cancer inducing cigarettes? What about all those jobs, and those poor children who would go hungry because the mum’s and dad’s don’t have a job any more at the weapons factory or the chemical plant, or the tobacco factory? Well what about all those children who lose their lives, limbs or parents through war, chemical weapons, or those whose lives end in miserable lung cancer? What about the towns and villages destroyed by the pride of war and the defence of ideals? Is it ideal to take one life to save another? Is it ideal to prepare for such life taking? Is it ideal to make profits and fill the bellies of children in order to rob and leave other children to hunger? Can’t these plants and factories change over to produce tools for peace and healthy production?
    Thanks again!

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