After several years doing topical research, analyzing current events and looking up alternative cross-references to verify the accuray and credability of mainstream media and official sources ;
I am still unable to truthfully say that it’s only me being silly and paranoid without a reason ..

I will not be able to completely relax until I find foulproof
and factual evidence that we and our planet are safe,
evidene that we have no reason to distrust our worlds leaders and their motifs.
the more I find out, the more certain I become,
that we have good reason to worry,
If we don’t do anything to stop them soon,
If we continue to let them lie to us
they will continue to kill us and steal our planet.
If we don’t take action and stop them Now,
I am afraid it will become too late
for a peaceful solution.unless we
willingly choose to give up and submit,…



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